End to End Automation

Wick’s industry-leading technology automates the traditionally complex multi-partner process of market research. The result is a shift of energy to what matters—elevating conversations and keeping the focus razor sharp every step of the way.

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Get to Breakthrough Moments Faster

With automation, our technology never sleeps, allowing you to access insights and process survey results quickly, continuously, and more affordably. With complete control and full transparency every step of the way, you’re ready to discover and act on breakthrough moments others might miss.

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Before Fielding

Maximize Efforts and Value

Stay focused on strategy, methodology, and questionnaires that perform. Wick’s technology streamlines and maximizes the value of your research by eliminating the need to calculate response feasibility and cost estimates.

What Wick Automates:

  • Feasibility Calculation

  • Project Cost Estimates


During Fielding

Get Ahead and Stay There

Complete transparency on response results (as they happen) allows you to make small sampling adjustments or get an early start on the breakthrough discoveries the data holds. Wick automatically combines responses from every mode for live field tracking, updates toplines and crosstabs, applies in-field weighting, and makes charts and tables easy to share across your team.

What Wick Automates:

  • Real-time multimode response processing

  • Automatic In-Field Weighting

  • Live Field Tracking and Partials


After Fielding

Maintain Control with DIY Tools

Whether you’re using research findings to drive strategy or publishing conversation-changing content, Wick empowers a seamless transition from in-field precision to post-field control with DIY features such as chart customization, filtering, weighting, and white-labeled report outputs.

What Wick Automates:

  • Crosstabs & Marginal Reporting

  • Smart Weighting Controls

  • Reporting Customization Tools

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