Truth as a Service™

We are Wick – A new breed of opinion research agency powered by technology.

Our team of researchers, creatives, and technologists combine to provide opinion research through a software platform designed to keep costs low, accuracy high, and the spotlight on breakthrough moments.

Shed light on the truth with Wick’s Opinion Research Offerings

Custom Survey Research

We conduct polling, concept testing, and impact measurement studies across multiple modes with unmatched speed, accuracy and affordability.

Product Highlights

  • Polling
  • Concept Testing
  • Impact Measurement
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Survey Subscription Programs

Pick from a selection of State and National Programs that are already packed with strategy-defining questions for polling/message testing or deep dives into hot-topic issues.

Product Highlights

  • State and National in-depth polling
  • State and National Omnibus
  • One of a kind persuasion testing
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Online Focus Groups

Real conversations with targeted groups give you the deepest insights on the public’s opinions of your candidates and causes.

Product Highlights

  • Virtual Interviews
  • Qualitative Data
  • Deep Insights
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Breakthrough Research Technology

Our technology automates a large portion of the day-to-day tasks involved with traditional research projects; keeping costs low, accuracy high, and the spotlight on breakthrough discoveries that can make a huge impact on your campaign outcome.

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Custom Survey Research

Covering all facets of research, from methodology to questionnaire design and data analysis, Wick is the only research partner you need. With IVR, peer-to-peer texting, online panel, and live agents, our multimodal platform is engineered to fit all types of research objectives and budgets.

Get to the Truth

With Accurate Polling

Take your polling and survey capabilities to the next level by not just measuring public opinion but by asking the right people the right questions in (affordable) targeted studies.

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Test Concepts

Before Going To Market

Ensure your ad dollars are spent optimally by testing your marketing ideas and creative concepts directly with targeted audiences.

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Assess Your Campaign

With Impact Measurement

Evaluate the balance between effort and outcome by measuring the extent to which your marketing campaign actually influences the public’s opinions with randomized control trials, pre-post, and DID study designs.

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Survey Subscription Programs

Wick’s subscription survey programs are driven by our vision of the 80/20 rule. 80% of the research you need to drive your objectives at 20% of the cost you would normally pay.

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Truth On-Demand™

Get ahead of the conversation on up-to-the-minute matters with Truth On-Demand™. Subscribe to our National and/or State-Level Omnibus programs where we track the key figures, races, and issues that will define the 2022 election cycle, and beyond. Each program runs multiple times per month and is designed with the flexibility to add both custom polling and message/ad testing questions at an affordable cost.


Available Starting February 2022

Citizen Viewpoints

Wick’s latest innovation in opinion research is the Citizen Viewpoints Project- a new starting point for strategic messaging and public opinion forecasting on an issues possible legislative and judicial outcomes. Citizen Viewpoints is a year long project where we will go issue by issue and stance by stance to create the insights needed to disrupt the messaging echo chamber. We are launching in February 2022 with a lot more information so sign up to stay in the loop!

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Online Focus Groups

Keep your efforts on strategy and content and let Wick orchestrate a focus group that delivers. With the emergence of new online video-conferencing and qualitative analysis tools, focus groups have never been more relevant. We handle it all from recruiting participants to securing technology, moderation, and post-analysis of your project.

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